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Quality of Essential Oils

Essential oils are aromatic plant extracts composed only of the volatile molecules from the plants concerned.  A Volatile (from the Latin volare, meaning ‘to fly’) is defined as evaporating or vaporising readily under normal conditions. All aromatic substances are volatile hence why we can pick up the molecules in our noses.

The quality and wholeness of any essential oil used in aromatherapy practice is of paramount importance irrespective of the cost, whereas when essential oils are used in flavours and fragrances the taste and the aroma respectively are the most important considerations.

Essential oils come from living plants and possess a living synergy. The oils are contained in glands, veins, sacs and glandular hairs in a variety of plants from around the world. Synthetic materials, which look and smell the same as an essential oil, cannot replicate this synergy. Only 100% pure, natural and authentic essential oils should be employed for use in aromatherapy.

Once we have the pure essential oils, then the skill of blending lies with the trained aromatherapist. Sometimes in clinical aromatherapy the blend is not always the most floral or pleasant aroma but rather is based on the chemical constituents in the essential oils being effective. The blend chosen can really make a difference and often results in fantastic effects.

May Star Therapies only uses pure unaltered essential oils, carrier oils and hydrosols in our products and treatments.

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