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What is Aromaflexology?

I often get asked what is aromaflexology and how is it different to reflexology?

The aromaflexology massage is a specialised technique and was developed by Shirley Price, as she wanted to develop a treatment using essential oils and massage that would benefit clients, using the non-invasive techniques of reflexology. Prior to this many reflexologists were using talcum powder or plain waxes in their treatments.

The aromaflexology treatment is a combination of essential oils and reflex massage which has proven to be a successful treatment which brings relief from stress, aches and pains, insomnia and other common problems clients come to me with.

When pressure is applied to reflex points, this brings about relaxation and helps to normalise body conditions. These points are easiest to find in the feet though they are also to be found in the hands and the ears. The points can only indicate the probable organs where there may be some disorder – not what the disorder might be. Reflexology is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. It is however, extremely helpful and does not have any side effects if done correctly.

Each organ and muscle in the body is connected without crossing the spinal cord by an energy pathway to a point in the foot (or hand, ear etc.). The most fascinating thing is that these reflex points come to the surface in exactly the same position as they are found in the body, and are most easily located on the soles of the feet.

If you imagine that the big toes are the head, the balls of the feet are the shoulders and down the centre is the spine - the curve of each foot here is comparable to the side view of a person's back. The foot narrows around the waist area, thus, all organs found above the waist in the body are found above the waist of the foot, those positioned below are found below.

Aromaflexology can help reverse the effects of stress and enable the body to return to balance by stimulating the reflexes on the feet to cause relaxation in the corresponding parts of the body. This can have different effects on the body from relief of pain to detoxification of organs, an improvement in circulation or reduction of tension in the body. Some people often comment that they have a revived energy after a treatment too.

Sometimes a person has what appears to be an adverse reaction to reflexology or an aromaflexology treatment, but this is a good sign – you feel worse before you get better and it is usually only experienced on the first treatment. Symptoms which can be experienced include feeling hot, looking pale feeling nauseous, experiencing headaches, displaying emotions such as laughing or crying. This is due to the toxins being released into the body system. This process can also cause fatigue but this phase soon goes.

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